Welcome to the home of Mark and Royal Arch Masonry in NSW & ACT, the custodians of two of the five Degrees of Pure Ancient Masonry.

The Mark and Royal Arch Degrees you receive in this Order are the only two Degrees (other than the Craft Degrees) recognised in the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT and are acknowledged around the world, along with the 3 Craft Degrees, as forming the Degrees necessary for a Mason to be able to claim he has completed his journey and is now in possession of all of the Degrees of Pure Ancient Masonry. These Degrees are also a necessary requirement for entry into nine other Masonic Orders in this jurisdiction.

In our Order you have the opportunity to understand more fully the meaning of Masonry being a progressive science when you receive your Mason’s Mark as the Operative Stonemasons, our forefathers, did and importantly when “that which was lost” is returned to you and your search is completed. Members of our Order are assisted on an enlightening journey by enjoying valued companionship as they travel a path through the most interesting, philosophical, colourful and exciting series of Degrees in Freemasonry.

In this Order you will receive eleven important Degrees, all of which will be actually worked with you over an extended period of time – none will be simply conferred.

When you join this Order you will not only enhance your knowledge of Masonry by actual participation in the Degrees but be valued as a Companion and enjoy membership of a fraternity based on friendship as well as gaining profound insights into Freemasonry available only to Mark and Royal Arch Masons.

First Grand Principal & Grand Master


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