Stephen Brown

I joined Royal Arch Freemasonry in 2011 when I became aware that a number of my friends from my Craft Lodge, who I respected very much, were active members within the Chapter. While there was no pressure from these masons to join, I was aware that they obviously enjoyed their Royal Arch Freemasonry and I was very interested to learn more. My knowledge of the fraternity increased after I was invited to an open night, at which, I was surprised to see, the Grand First Principal and Grand Master. If I had known then what I know now about the Royal Arch I guess I would not have been surprised.
My first impressions of the Chapter was that it was somewhat different to the Craft Lodge and this impression only crystallized the more I interacted within the Chapter. Chapter meetings seem to be much more relaxed, and as they tend to be smaller than the Craft meetings, this gives you both the opportunity to be more involved in the work and interact on a closer level with Companions, both within the Chapter and in the Festive Board.
Not long after joining the Royal Arch I was presented with a great opportunity when the Deputy Grand Treasurer position became vacant. My background is in Accounting and Business Management and due to this I was approached if I would be interested in applying for that position. I did and as they say the rest is history.
Not having ever held rank in a Grand Lodge or Chapter before I was unsure what to expect. The Grand Chapter Team are a great bunch who welcomed me with open arms and went out of their way to help me and make me feel like one of the team. The First Grand Principal and Grand Master and his Deputy are inspiring leaders who create an atmosphere throughout the Order that can’t help but expand and move the whole Royal Arch Order forward.
It is an exciting time for Royal Arch Freemasonry in NSW and joining the Order is one of the highlights of my Masonic career. I recommend Royal Arch Freemasonry to all Masons who want to complete their journey in Masonry.

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