Ray Leggett

I joined the Masonic Lodge in 1973 and after a long break from active Freemasonry due to career commitments I was invited to join the royal arch chapter in 1999 – and it was a great decision by me to accept!
It has been a revealing and refreshing period in my life where my Masonic principles have been re-invigorated and my knowledge of Freemasonry exponentially extended.
Royal Arch Freemasonry delivers a full explanation of the meaning and history of Freemasonry and at the same time gives opportunity for an extensive participation for every member in a wide range of ceremonial activities.
The fraternal interaction afterwards allows me to enjoy a diverse cross section of like minded men.
I would encourage all Freemasons to give strong consideration to joining the Mark and Royal Arch Masons order – you will not be disappointed and it will allow you to complete the full journey!!

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