by W. Richards, OAM, PDGZ. E & D Team Member, November, 2014

The purpose of this flyer is to provide you with an explanation and to explain the purpose and reason for the recent establishment of the newly commissioned the First Grand Principal and Grand Master Special Task Force for “Education and Development”.

Under the direction of the new First Grand Principal and Grand Master, Grand Chapter realised that action was required to provide the much needed knowledge and strength that an educational team, properly organised and supported, could deliver to the jurisdiction in the area of Masonic education by providing programs of understanding and knowledge in respect to our Order. This is especially so in those more remote areas of the jurisdiction who do not normally have access to such programs.

A team has been formed by the First Grand Principal and Grand Master comprising of a Chairman and three members with one member being particularly responsible for the communication sector. This team will prepare, in the main, introductory programs illustrating the connection and meaning between our core Degrees consisting of the Mark, Excellent Master and the Royal Arch and the Craft with ultimate expansion into the Ark Mariner, Cryptic and Red Cross Knight Degrees.

Principally, their aim will be to establish information seminars in United Supreme Grand Chapter Areas throughout the year thereby providing an equal opportunity, irrespective of where a member lives, for all Companions to be able to attend a three-hour seminar and to have the opportunity to be able to have their questions and enquiries answered. The statement “Pure Ancient Masonry” will be, without a doubt, the lynch pin of the proposed seminars and hopefully a pattern for the AGPs, DGIW’s and Principals to model information sessions in their own Areas, Districts and Chapters upon.

The first of these seminars is being arranged in Area F at the Queanbeyan Masonic Centre on the 28th February 2015. In short this seminar it is intended to provide something for everybody with an emphasis based upon “understanding the position of the Royal Arch”. In essence it is a “return to the quarry”, per se to understand our place in Freemasonry.

It is envisaged that about 3 or 4 seminars will be mounted each year with the moderate cost of a member’s registration to merely pay for incidentals, which arise at any given meeting such as venue. Afternoon tea is included. In the evening all will be invited to attend a moderate in a prearranged venue where they will be able to bring their wife/partner or friend to expand the benefits of Royal Arch companionship and thereby meet under a very relaxed “Royal Arch”.

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