Bulletin No: 56                                                                                                    12th December 2017

 To be Read in Open Chapter


The First Grand Principal and Grand Master has recently proclaimed Edict 12 which will come into force as of 1st March 2018.

Most Excellent Companion Peattie wishes to ensure that all Companions fully understand the meaning, intent and effect of the new Edict and therefore he has directed that this explanation be read in open Chapter for all Companions to hear so that there is no misinterpretation.

There exists a number of Charges and Lectures which various Ritual Committees have recommended may be read instead of being delivered in the traditional Masonic manner.  Most Excellent Companion Peattie has a strong view and preference for the deliverance of ritual in the traditional Masonic manner and strongly supports and urges the continuance of this practice in Chapters but also realises the practicality of the situation a lot of Chapters in which they now find themselves.

As various Ritual Committees comprising of senior Companions have over a period of years provided for the reading of specified Charges and Lectures during not only his term but also that of other First Grand Principals and Grand Master’s, Most Excellent Companion Peattie wishes to ensure that any Charge or Lecture that is to be read is done so in a manner which results in an impact on a Candidate as close as possible to that as if it were delivered in the traditional manner.

The First Grand Principal and Grand Master has been in attendance at Chapters where Charges which legitimately could be read have been delivered by a Companion standing in front of a Candidate with the Ritual Book in his hand and reading the Charge in a monotone and in a manner where the Candidate did not even see the face of the Companion delivering the Charge or have any eye contact with him. This Most Excellent Companion Peattie believes this cannot be allowed to occur for the good and reputation of the Order hence his Edict on the delivery of Charges.

To assist Chapters, Most Ex Comp Peattie has directed Grand Chapter will prepare A4 laminated sheets of Charges which will be available on request free of charge up to 1st March 2018.  To take advantage of this offer a Chapter will need to specify which Charges it requires.  Simply requesting “all Charges” will not suffice.  After the 1st March 2018 a nominal fee will apply calculated to cover the cost only of producing the laminated Charges.  Chapters are of course free to undertake the preparation of scrolls and A4 sheets of the Charges and Lectures should they wish to do so provided the documents are within the guidelines of the Edict i.e. nothing is to be less than A4 size.

Under no circumstances are iPads (or similar devices) to be used in the deliverance of Charges or Lectures and only Charges specifically designated as “may be read” in the ritual can be in fact be read.

In addition, under no circumstances at all is the Obligation, Signs and Secrets or Working Tools of any Degree to be read to a Candidate.

It is hoped that this Edict will assist Chapters who feel they have no choice other than to read some Charges and Lectures whilst at the same time maintaining the dignity in the deliverance of those Charges so important to the Candidate’s experience of this Order.


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