GSE Bulletin No 34                                                                                                               8th December 2016

 At the Supreme Committee Meeting held on November 16th 2016 the minimum dues payable by Companions to their Chapter were revised as below.

The Dues are now in two brackets with two minimums based on the number of meetings per year.

  1. If a Chapter meets more than six times per year            $220.00
  2. If the Chapter meets six times or less $170.00

Any Chapter wishing to vary the minimum dues charged to its Companions is able to apply to the Grand Treasurer & Grand Scribe Ezra for a Dispensation to be issued by the First Grand Principal and Grand Master.

These changes will come into effect in each Chapter when the Companions next set their Annual Fees & Dues as set out in Chapter By-Laws.   A new form is on the website.

 The Chairman of the Ritual and Protocol Committee, Right Excellent Companion Warren Dews MSA, PDGZ has requested submissions for the review of the USGC Mark Ritual.  If you have found errors in the Ritual which could be typographic, grammar or such would you please send an email to this office so it may be passed onto the Committee.  Bear in mind as previously advised there will be no changes to Charges or Perambulations.

A reminder the USGC Office will close on Thursday 15th December 2016 and open on Tuesday 17th January 2017.  I would like to extend to all Companions fraternal wishes for happiness and good health for the Festive Season and the New Year.


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