When was the Concordat signed between The United Grand Lodge of NSW &ACT and the United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark & Royal Arch Masons of NSW & ACT?
On the 8th of June 2005 an historic document was signed by the Grand Master MW Bro Anthony Lauer, the First Grand Principal and Grand Master M Ex Comp Sydney Thomas Weller, on the floor of Grand Lodge in the Sydney Masonic Centre.
The document was the first Concordat to be signed between The UGL of NSW and ACT and an Associated Masonic Order and was a result of a concept devised by the Strategic Planning Committee of Grand Lodge Chaired by the then Deputy Grand Master, Rt Wor Bro Rob Peattie. Among many features in the Concordat, one in particular was ground breaking. It was the ability of a Lodge and a Chapter to join together as a “Masonic Fraternity”.
There was also the ability of a Lodge to sponsor a new Chapter attached to it or for a Chapter to sponsor a new Lodge, to form a Masonic Fraternity. This would then result in all five degrees of ‘pure Ancient Masonry’ being made available under one Masonic organization.
Since the signing of the original Concordat it has subsequently been amended during the term of Most Ex Comp Edward Keenahan.

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