The Grand Chapter Library – A Valuable Resource

by E Norman Garland
P.G.Z. & Emeritus Grand Chapter Lecturer

Certain facts regarding our Headquarters at Petersham appear to be widely known whilst others of great importance and significance to our Order are either not known or perhaps their value not fully appreciated or comprehended. For example, we all know the Petersham Royal Arch Masonic Centre is the home of the renowned and world famous Egyptian Room containing many fine sculptures which are the subject of much public interest and study by Egyptologists but many of our members have only given passing thought to our extensive and impressive library.

Located in the entry foyer is a simple door which provides access to the Grand Chapter Library. This door is the portal which leads to a virtual treasure trove of knowledge irrespective of if you are the serious Masonic researcher or a member of the Order who simply wishes to make some daily progress in the acquisition of Masonic knowledge and learning. Contained within its walls are over 1,500 books ranging from serious works on Masonic subjects and Egyptology through the spectrum to lighter, easily read books to help and assist a Companion or Mason to understand and appreciate or simply to answer a question he has in respect to Freemasonry. You will find the Grand Chapter Library does not discriminate between researcher and Masonic student seeking knowledge but provides answers for all.

Each Wednesday you will find an experienced member of the Library Committee on hand to help you with your enquiry. These volunteers will not only welcome you to the library but assist you to find the information you are seeking and any other enquiry you may have. If you are unable to attend on a Wednesday other alternatives are available to our members. For example at other times, the Grand Scribe Nehemiah, who is also a Committee Member, is able to carry out the same service to our members.

If you have a difficult or more specific enquiry, the Grand Librarian , E .Norman Garland P.G.Z. Emeritus Grand Chapter Lecturer is available to help and can be contacted on (02) 45 72 74 72 or Country enquiries are especially invited.

A visit to the Grand Chapter Library is an experience not to be missed. This Order’s Library is unique. Where else in New South Wales would you find a specialised Royal Arch library in union with a Craft library? Why not make use of this valuable resource available to all our members.

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