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Our Order has many educational resources which perhaps have never been brought together and made available to Companions in a co-ordinated way to reach their full potential and value. This situation is now being addressed with the First Grand Principal and Grand Master authorising a trial of a scheme which will unite these resources to bring Masonic Education to all Companions on a regular basis throughout the entire jurisdiction, irrespective of their location.

It is intended to encourage all Chapters to devote more time at meetings for educational matters to advance our Masonic knowledge. This aim will be supported by the distribution periodically of an Education Bulletin containing material of interest to Companions and which could be used for example for talks/discussions at our meetings. The material will consist of brief serialised articles on both the factual and legendary history of Freemasonry; information about what is happening in other jurisdictions, particularly overseas; details of the activities and availability of official lecturers; book reviews; and information about the availability of the Grand Chapter’s Library services to all members.

Our Grand Chapter possesses a valuable Library at Petersham staffed by dedicated volunteers. The collection includes some classic and irreplaceable encyclopedie and reference works of great value to Masonic and other historians, as well as modern texts by current authors. There are also many DVDs and printed lectures included in the catalogue. New books and other sources are continually being added. It is intended that all the Library material will not only be made known but made available to Companions throughout the Jurisdiction.

The Education Program is directed by a small Task Group comprised of members with a special and expert interest in Masonic Education. As the program has developed it has promoted special lectures, seminars or short courses as required.

It is hoped that the continued development of the Program will result in the already rich experience of the rituals of Royal Arch Masonry being complemented by a better understanding of the environment from whence we came and in which we operate.

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