Regalia for the Degree of Royal Arch Mason


To be of white lambskin from 400 mm wide 355 mm long, with a white pointed flap 152 mm at the point. The border along the sides and on the bottom of the apron and the flap to be of indented crimson and purple ribbon, with the crimson points to the centre, about 50 mm wide on the apron and about 29 mm wide on the flap. The binding at the top edge of the apron shall be of white ribbon about 38 mm wide. Two gold tassels, suspended from white ribbon 50 mm wide, to come from underneath the flap. The belt shall be white. In the centre of the flap there shall be an equilateral triangle and within the triangle the triple tau, all in gold, surmounted on a white background. [PLATE RA1]


The aprons of Principals and Past Principals shall be the same as above except that the apron binding, the tassel ribbons, the background of the no_imageequilateral triangle and the belt shall all be crimson. [PLATE RA2]

Optional: In the centre of the Apron may be a circled emblem in crimson coloured cloth on which are two concentric circles, in gold thread. Within the inner circle an equilateral triangle and within the triangle the jewel of a Principal, i.e. Crown for the First, a Radiated Eye for the Second and the Breastplate for the Third. Within the outer circle the name of the Chapter, its Number and the initials ‘U.S.G.C.” are to be displayed. The Apron emblem for Past Principals shall be as above together with a laurel wreath surrounding the appropriate emblem, all in gold thread. The emblem may be part of a badge that is attached to the Apron, or it may be woven directly into the Apron. [PLATE RA3]

To be 920 mm in length, worn over the left shoulder and passing obliquely to the right side which shall be of the usual Royal Arch style, being crimson diamonds on a purple background 100 mm wide. At the lower end of the sash shall be a triple tau within an equilateral triangle, both in gold, on a white background below which shall be a crimson and purple fringe 75 mm long. [PLATE RA4]

The sash of Principals and Past Principals shall be the same as above except that the background of the equilateral triangle shall be crimson and the fringe below shall be gold 75 mm long. [PLATE RA5] no_image



To be of crimson ribbon, 100 mm wide with a gold cord and beehive in centre front, from which shall be suspended the Jewel of Office. [PLATE RA6]

The Jewel of Office shall be an equilateral triangle and mounted within the triangle, all in gold, will be the appropriate emblem of office (the whole Jewel to be not longer than 55 mm nor wider than 50 mm) as follows:

Office Emblem PLATE
First Principal A radiated crown no_image
Past First Principal A crown mounted within a circle no_image
Second Principal A radiated eye no_image
Third Principal A breastplate on which shall be twelve colour plates, details of which are set out below no_image
Scribe Ezra Crossed quills no_image
Scribe Nehemiah A quill no_image
Treasurer Crossed keys no_image
Director of Ceremonies Crossed staves in saltire no_image
First Sojourner A square with superimposed crowbar no_image
Second Sojourner A square with superimposed shovel no_image
Third Sojourner A square with superimposed pick axe no_image
Steward A cornucopia no_image
Director of Music A lyre crossed with a baton no_image
Organist A lyre no_image
Janitor An unsheathed sword pointing downwards no_image

Details of obverse of the breastplate jewel for a Third Principal (reading from the viewer’s left to right) [PLATE RA22]:

(deep red)
(white or clear)
(deep blue)
(light green)
(flesh colour)
(light blue-green)

In the centre of each breastplate shall be the Hebrew word in gold (Ref.: Exodus Ch. 39 v. 10 – 13)


The breast jewel of the Order shall be of the design depicted on [PLATE RA23] in gold. It shall be worn from the left breast pendent from a ribbon 38 mm wide, the colour of which shall be crimson for Principals and Past Principals and white for all other Companions. The jewel consists of the Seal of Solomon within a circle and within the seal itself a design peculiar to the Degree. On the various diagonals of the Seal on both the obverse and reverse are certain inscriptions as detailed in the diagram accompanying the plate. On the obverse the Companion’s name may be engraved on the vacant diagonal; on the reverse the date of the Companion’s exaltation may be inscribed on the vacant ribbon at the bottom right of the jewel.


The three Principals, the Scribes and the Sojourners shall wear robes of office which shall be the property of the Chapter. For the First Principal the robe shall be crimson colour trimmed with ermine or crimson satin, for the Second Principal the robe shall be purple edged with gilt lace or purple satin and for the Third Principal the robe shall be sky blue trimmed with sky blue satin. [PLATE RA24]


The Scribes and Sojourners shall wear robes of white linen which may be trimmed with the colour of their rank, viz.: Scribes – red; First Sojourner – crimson; Second Sojourner – purple; Third Sojourner – sky blue. [PLATE RA25]



The Third Principal may wear a white coat being the same in length as the robe, a white cord and an Ephod, all made of linen or cloth. The Ephod shall be coloured from within crimson, purple, blue and trimmed with gold at the edges. A girdle or cord of the same colours as the Ephod shall be worn. A breastplate made of cloth or metal which shall have two or four loops, for attachment of a chain or cord to suspend the gold breastplate which shall have on it the twelve coloured plates being the same as in the Jewel of Office. On the reverse of the breastplate two slots are provided for the insertion of the Urim and Thummin, both being of gold. [PLATE RA26]


The Principals may wear crowns or caps being made of metal and cloth, the colours of which shall be the same as their respective robes (alternatively, the Third Principal’s cap may be in the shape of a sky blue mitre and edged in gold). A gold metal plate which is to be in shape as rim of the mitre and which can be fixed to it, on which is written “HOLINESS TO THE LORD”. [PLATE RA27]

Note: The wearing of headwear is option. Headwear shall only be worn if all crowns and caps are in good repair and shall only be worn if disposable inserts or liners are available.


The Principals shall each have a sceptre or rod made of polished wood or metal, on the head of which shall be displayed their respective emblem of office, viz.: First Principal – a crown; Second Principal – a radiated eye; Third Principal – a mitre. [PLATE RA28]


The Director of Ceremonies shall carry a baton made of polished wood or metal (all metal fittings are to be in gold) on which shall be displayed his emblem of office in gold, viz.: crossed staves in saltire. [PLATE RA29]no_image

Sojourners shall carry batons made of polished wood or metal. The batons may be in colour in part to designate their respective offices, viz.: First Sojourner – crimson; Second Sojourner – purple; Third Sojourner – sky blue. [PLATE RA30]



The jewel shall be of the following design: a flat metal base circular in shape on which is an equilateral triangle, a crown being on its centre the whole being surrounded by a laurel wreath, all in gold. The crown may have red stones set in its points. The jewel shall be worn on the left breast pendent from a crimson ribbon 38 mm wide. The ribbon may have on it the three Principals’ sceptres in gold, from top to bottom: From top to bottom First then Second then Third. [PLATE RA31].


Subordinate Chapters may vary the jewel by substituting the standard design with an appropriate design peculiar to the Chapter concerned. [example PLATE RA31A]

Every Past First Principal of a subordinate Chapter is entitled to wear this jewel. If such a jewel is worn the usual Companion’s breast jewel is not worn.

The Principals, all Officers and all Companions present shall wear Royal Arch Regalia.

The Candidate must wear a Mark Master Mason Apron or (preferably) an Excellent Master Apron until invested with Royal Arch Regalia. If there is more than one Candidate then all Candidates must wear the same regalia (i.e. all wear Mark Master Aprons or all wear Excellent Master Aprons).

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