Rick Anderson

There are many and varied orders pertaining to and or about Freemasonry, each of which has their own set of Principals and opinions. However the order of Mark and Royal Arch Masonry may be a standalone order but is definitely part of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masonry, in fact it is not only an extension of the Craft Order, for example the first three degrees in Masonry, but in fact is (as our esteemed leader proclaims) “the completion of the Masonic journey,” that is the fourth and fifth degrees, those being Mark and Royal Arch.
This order not only explores and explains the ancient activities of the building of King Solomon’s Temple, it touches on the fact that the Temple was in fact destroyed and a second Temple constructed. Also during some ceremonies explains portions of craft ritual that has left the general craft mason hanging for further information.
One of the most interesting parts of the order is the manner in which the various ceremonies are actually acted out in a serious but light hearted theatrical manner, creating not only deep interest but a high degree of enjoyment and pleasure, which to me is a major factor of being involved in this interesting, pleasurable and challenging order.

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